Michael B. Jordan 'Struggling' To Cope With Chadwick Boseman's Shocking Death

Michael B. Jordan is still struggling to come to terms with the sad, unexpected fact that Chadwick Boseman is no longer with us.

As we reported, the beloved actor passed away on Friday at just 43 years old after a private four-year battle with colon cancer. The two leading men of Black Panther were more than dear friends and co-stars, they were more like brothers who go way back together after creating a lasting bond when they played the same role on All My Children over a decade ago.

While fans and stars alike have flooded social media to express their sadness over Boseman’s passing, Jordan has been noticeably silent — and a source explained to Entertainment Tonight how heavily this tragic loss has been weighing on him.

The Creed star is said to be “struggling” and “beyond sad” about Chadwick’s death, with the insider noting he was “rocked” by the news and is still at a loss for words. No one knew about the silent cancer diagnosis, including Black Panther director Ryan Coogler and co-star Danai Gurira, who’ve both since shared powerful tributes to the late star. Given the nature of their tight-knit relationship, the outlet’s source says Michael is currently trying to figure out the best way to honor his friend’s legacy.

In regards to issuing a public statement, the insider added that his “silence is his pain” right now. We can’t even imagine how difficult this must be to process and it’s understandable that he’s taking this time to grieve in private. This one is caught us all off guard and still doesn’t feel real. The world has lost an immeasurable talent and fans will be feeling this one for a while.

As you likely know, the two men made history starring alongside each other in the critically acclaimed Marvel action film, where Jordan and Boseman impressed audiences as Erik Killmonger and King T’Challa, respectively. Back when it first premiered in 2018, Chadwick spoke highly of their working relationship and how awesome it was to challenge themselves in their roles, saying:

“ had to buy into playing a villain, which he hasn’t done, you know, and I had to buy into having the weight of the hero . So it’s something that we both had to buy into doing together and to collaborating together.”

Those two made magic on-screen together and it’s heartbreaking to know that was their final project together. We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to Michael and everyone else still reeling from this tragic loss.

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