Michael Douglas Calls Danny DeVito’s Saving His Life Claim a Joke

Michael Douglas has debunked Danny DeVito‘s claim that he once saved the actor’s life.

The “Taxi” star has previously told a story about how he sucked venom out of Michael’s arm on the set of 1984 film “Romancing the Stone” after his colleague was bitten by a snake.

While Danny, 74, has been dining out on the tale for years, during an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Monday night, December 03, Michael fact-checked his pal’s recollection of events.

“I can’t believe that he gets away with this story,” he said. “A snake bit me, and it bit me on the arm. Danny on the other hand says, ‘(I) reached over and sucked the blood out of the snake wound on (Michael’s) arm.’ And then he says, ‘Can you imagine if it was on his balls!'”

Michael went on to emphasise that Danny’s version of events simply isn’t accurate.

“What he’ll do for a joke, I dunno,” the 74-year-old laughed. “He was there when the snake bit me… He didn’t do nothing.”

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