Michael Jackson’s Niece Brandi Accuses Ex-BF Wade Robson Of ‘Lying’ About Sexual Abuse Allegations

Michael Jackson’s niece claims her ex Wade Robson is lying in the doc ‘Leaving Neverland’ about the pop superstar allegedly sexually abusing him as a child. She says he’s just out for money.

Michael Jackson‘s niece Brandi Jackson is calling out Wade Robson as a liar for his highly detailed account of seven years of alleged child sexual abuse at the hands of the late pop superstar. In the harrowing new documentary Leaving Neverland, both the 36-year-old choreographer and fellow alleged victim James Safechuck accuse adult an MJ of grooming them as young children to be the singer’s best friend, then turning the relationship sexual. Brandi — who is the 37-year-old daughter of MJ’s brother Jackie, 57 — told Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show on March 11 that “When I was watching [Leaving Neverland], I was completely sickened by it, to be honest with you. The things that he was saying were so over the top and so ridiculous.”

“[Wade] was not describing my uncle. He was describing a totally different person, but not my uncle. And that’s why this is a narrative that has changed…over the last 15 years. Everything that he’s ever said about my uncle is the complete opposite of who he was painting in this documentary.” Wade claimed in the doc that from the very onset of the alleged sexual abuse at age seven that Michael told him to never admit to it or talk to anyone about it because both of them would go to jail.

“Part of what I have to say to that is, with Wade saying that he was afraid [he and Michael] would go to jail [if he revealed the abuse], Wade was a grown man when he testified the second time.” Brandi told the show. Wade explained in the doc the various reasons why he testified on Michael’s behalf during his 2005 child sexual abuse trial of 13-year-old Gavin Arizo. He was pressured by the singer’s legal team to be a much needed defense witness and said that after all that had happened between them, he still deeply loved Michael. He also strongly felt that the singer had become so frail that prison would kill him and didn’t want to see him suffer that way. Wade also said he gave the testimony that Michael never sexually abused him because he didn’t want to see MJ’s three young children grow up without their dad.

Brandi continued, “And if someone had been anally penetrating you and anally abusing you when you were 14 years old, and you had a chance to go on the stand and put that man away for the rest of his life so that he couldn’t hurt anyone else, you’d do it. You would. I can understand when he was a child if he was too afraid to do such a thing, that makes sense. But as a grown man, it doesn’t.”

Brandi allegedly dated Wade from the time they were nine through 18, even though her name and relationship never comes up in the doc. She thinks both Wade and fellow accuser James are coming forward about alleged child sexual abuse by Michael now because they are “absolutely, 100 per cent” wanting money out of their accusations. “It’s unfortunate but it’s true,’” she said, even though neither of the men has filed any lawsuits or financial claims towards the Jackson estate since the doc’s release.

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