Michael Ray Honors His Grandmother With Merle Haggard Cover

Country star Michael Ray announced on January 1, 2019 that his grandmother has died. He posted a video of himself singing Merle Haggard‘s “If I Could Only Fly,” as a tribute to his late grandmother.

“This old @merlehaggardofficial song cameo my mind this morning when I got the call,” Ray explained in the caption of his post. “You were always in the crowd for me, so I felt the need to play it for you. I love you Granny.”

“I miss you so much already!! “If I could only fly” granny I would have been up there this morning just to see the look on papas face. I don’t know what to say except thank you for all you did for all of us. Im so glad God gave me you as a grandmother you were the definition of strong independent, hard working god fearing, family woman. I’m so glad Carly got to meet you she reminds me a lot of you in someways. Pls watch over us it’s not easy letting you go but I know because you raised us and taught us about God and Heaven that you’re without pain and with papa AMOS,” he wrote on social media.

Haggard’s “If I Could Only Fly” came out in 2000 and is included on the country legend’s 50th and last studio album, also called If I Could Only Fly.

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