Miya Ponsetto Off the Hook for Drunk in Public Case, Mom Gets Community Service

Miya Ponsetto, infamously known as “SoHo Karen,” is off the hook for one of her arrests last year — the one at the Peninsula Hotel in Bev Hills … before she made national headlines.

The 22-year-old caught a break during her hearing Thursday in L.A. County Court, when her case was dismissed. Prosecutors decided to drop the charge against her after Miya’s attorney argued it was an isolated incident and claimed she had no criminal history in California at the time of that arrest.

Miya’s lawyer also told the judge her client would not go back to the hotel. Now, Miya’s mother, Nicole, was also in court for her arrest in the same incident … but she didn’t get off as easy.

Nicole pled no contest to battery on a police officer, and was given 100 hours of community service and entered into a 12-month diversion program. If she puts in her hours and stays out of trouble for a year, her case will also be dismissed.

Remember, long before Miya’s SoHo hotel incident … she and her mom were arrested last February at the Peninsula. They were allegedly drunk and belligerent, refusing to leave when asked by hotel staff. Cops say they both threw tantrums when officers responded.

Earlier, we erroneously reported the judge had given Miya the same 100 hours community service that her mom got.

Of course, Miya’s had several other legal issues since then … in California and New York.

Most recently, the Manhattan D.A. slapped her with a string of charges — and extradited her — for the December incident at the Arlo Hotel in SoHo. She tried to snatch a phone from a Black teen she falsely accused of stealing hers.

Before that, she was busted for DUI this past October in Ventura County — which came 5 months after another DUI in Los Angeles. And you thought you had a bad 2020.

Long story short, Miya’s still potentially facing time behind bars depending on how her other cases go — but as of today, she can rest easy about one of them.

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