Molly-Mae Hague’s dog breeder claims puppy Mr Chai was ‘healthy’ before he tragically passed away

The breeder of Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury’s puppy, named Mr Chai, has claimed that the dog was healthy when the Love Island couple bought him.

Molly-Mae and Tommy, both 21, were left heartbroken following the death of their dog Mr Chai, just days after he arrived from Russia into their care.

Following his death, Molly-Mae, who was recently seen for the first time since puppy Mr Chai died, paid for an autopsy to find out his cause of death, learning that the dog’s skull wasn’t fully developed and that part of his brain had been exposed.

Now, the breeder of the Pomeranian has claimed he was a “healthy, beautiful pup,” despite Molly-Mae and Tommy appearing in a YouTube video to tell fans the dog had no chance of survival as a result of his existing health problems.

Breeder Tiffany Puppies said in an Instagram statement: “I am getting lots and lots of messages, calls, voicemails, emails from people wanting to know what is happening. And I truly appreciate your concerns.

"Apologies for the lack of communication, however I hope you can understand that Chai’s passing has really affected us massively and we just cannot understand why such a healthy beautiful pup passed so suddenly.”

Breeder Tiffany continued to say that she’s awaiting some results from the vet, adding: “Truth being told we are awaiting on full veterinary results and conclusion as we want to understand everything as things are currently not making sense."

During his short life, Mr Chai was pictured in a several photos with Tommy and Molly-Mae, and amassed over 150,000 followers on Instagram, on an account set up for him by the reality stars.

However, following his death, Molly-Mae and Tommy were forced to hit back at cruel claims that they “killed” their dog.

In an emotional video, Molly-Mae explained: “When we first got Chai we… I can’t even explain how happy we were he was absolutely everything.

“He was just perfect and I just knew at that moment that we had found our… we just had our little baby. It was literally like we had a baby.

“For the first two days he was absolutely fine, running around, he was OK wasn’t he?”

Tommy added: “Yep, how puppies should be.”

The couple then explained that after a couple of days, Mr Chai had began vomiting, not eating and had runny poo.

After taking Mr Chai to the vet, Molly-Mae received a phone call minutes later telling her the pup had suffered a seizure and died.

She said: “We were both just utterly shocked. Tommy threw up everywhere. I just said to her: ‘It’s a prank, like, some sick person has just found out Chai’s gone to the vet’.”

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