Nadine Coyle mended feud with Cheryl and has been on looking for love on Tinder

Nadine Coyle has revealed her former Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl got in touch with her to mend their long-running feud.

The singer, who starred on 2019's I'm Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, spent years locked in a spat with Cheryl which involved a public war-of-words.

It kicked off publicly after the band's split in 2013, and the pair didn't talk for years afterwards.

However, Nadine has admitted that Cheryl recently sent her an email and they are now on "cordial" terms.

She told OK! magazine: "It’s been seven years since the last reunion tour and it feels like seven years!

"Cheryl emailed me recently and I bumped into Kimberley [Walsh] a few weeks ago as well, which was lovely.

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"I haven’t seen Sarah [Harding] or Nicola in a long time, but everything remains very cordial.

"We’re not best mates, it’s just the way it’s always been. I’m very close to a lot of people from my time in the band, like our hair and make-up people and the dancers, but you gravitate towards the people that you have stuff in common with."

After the band's 2013 split, a furious Nadine told fans: “You should know by now I had no part in any of this split business.

"I couldn't stop them. I had the best time & want to keep going. Xxxx"

Cheryl hit back, telling Attitude magazine that Nadine was “full of s***” and accusing her of holding the band to “ransom”.

"She was the one who wanted to make a solo record. Which is why we took the hiatus. She wants to come out and say we broke the band up? No! She shouldn’t tell porkie pies.

"Okay, so do you want us to tell the truth? She wasn’t going to make another Girls Aloud record until she got a solo deal. I feel she held us to ransom and then made her solo record deal."

Nadine goes on to  talk about her love life, admitting she's been looking for love on dating app Tinder since moving back to London.

The singer, who has a six-year-old daughter Anaíya with her ex Jason Bell, admitted none of her online romances panned out, but she did land a date with a hunky model.

She added: "I have been on Tinder in the past. I was trying to get some of my single girlfriends to go on it and they were like, 'Why don’t you do it?'

"So I did and it was quite fun. I ended up arranging to meet this guy who was a model.

"I thought I was being catfished and he couldn’t possibly be the guy in his pictures, but it was him. We went on one date but nothing came of it."

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