Nancy Pelosi Calls Adorable Kids Up To Podium As She’s Sworn In As Speaker Of The House — Pics

Just like she did the last time she was sworn in, Nancy Pelosi invited her grandkids and Congress members’ kids to join her up at the podium! It doesn’t get any cuter than this. Take a look!

As if making history by being sworn in as Speaker of the House for the second time wasn’t epic enough for her, Nancy Pelosi, 78, made the iconic moment even more special by inviting her grandkids and Congress members’ kids up to the podium with her. Recall she did the same thing the last time she was sworn in over a decade ago, which makes this moment even cuter. For some of the kids, it was probably the second time they’d been up there with Nancy — but they couldn’t have looked more excited standing beside her in their snazzy suits and dresses. The move on Pelosi’s part brought many viewers to tears and had Twitter freaking out.

“Nancy Pelosi invited every child to come up as she took the oath and standing behind her were kids of every color and both sexes,” one user wrote. “The future. Bawling.” Another added, “That was pretty adorable and I don’t usually think kids are all that cute haha. A rare uplifting moment in an otherwise dark time for the world.” Some parents even photographed their kids at home, standing in front of their television screens with Nancy and the other children to show their support. The cutest part, though, may have been when the new Speaker of the House told the little ones they could return to their parents if they wanted — and they stayed put!

Not only did Nancy warm hearts by bringing these kids up to the podium, but she spoke of her hopes for them as she reclaimed the gavel. “I now call the House to order on behalf of all of America’s children,” she said before pounding it.

And as if that moment wasn’t cute enough, Nancy shared a special moment with her granddaughter as well! When the new Speaker of the House cast her own vote for herself, the little one grabbed her arm and started jumping up and down with excitement. And before leaving her side at the podium, her granddaughter and grandson kissed her on the cheek. Aw!

For the cherry on top, her entire family was there in support! We’re talking all five of her children and all of her grandchildren. Such a special moment!

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