‘Need it out right now!’ BBC’s Deborah James ‘so sad’ after being taken back to hospital

Deborah James discusses having to remain in hospital

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BBC podcast host Deborah James will be spending her weekend in the hospital, it has emerged today. The campaigner spoke out on Instagram in view of her 395,000 followers.

The 40-year-old, who is currently battling bowel cancer, explained that she fell ill earlier this week and was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Deborah shared a candid update from her hospital bed where she explained that she had suffered a high fever.

As a result of the infection, the podcast host had been advised to have her port removed.

Sharing a photo alongside her mum while in her hospital bed, Deborah began: “Been hanging with mum! @bowelgran.

“Basically, to cut a long story short! The infection we’ve been trying to keep at bay with IV antibiotics – well it didn’t work!

“And on Tuesday I became septic with 40 degree fevers and really unwell. But the team at the @royalmarsden have been incredible and I was admitted on Tuesday.”

In a second photo, the BBC host shared a photo of the port attached to her chest.

She wrote: “Since then we have found out I have a few sources of infection. So yesterday I had my port out. Gutted!

“Five years this baby has served me well – but right now I need it out to stop an infection – I was actually so sad! Can have another one soon!”

The podcast host explained that the infection is under control and she is on the mend.

Deborah said: “We also found out that my main source of infection in my liver which we’ve known about – due to the iV antibiotics created an abscess – so it’s been drained for a few days to help it heal faster!

“But almost immediately improved my infection.”


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She detailed receiving more treatment which left her feeling “delirious” and unable to “keep my eyes open”.

Deborah continued: “So now I’m on a hardcore set of IV antibiotics – and can now almost text!

“Where I was so delirious with infection I couldn’t keep my eyes open!”

She explained: “The good news is this is fixable and my cancer is stable with the new regime. So just need to get this sorted!

“Sepsis infections are so scary until under control!”

Deborah added: “I’m now finally not spiking and bloods show everything improving.”

The BBC podcast host was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer at the age of 35 in December 2016, which went on to stage four.

She regularly takes to Instagram and shares updates on her health.

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