‘Never find the time’ Vicky McClure on why she’s not wed fiance Jonny Owen yet

Line of Duty: Vicky McClure says she is ‘game’ for show return

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Vicky McClure, 38, has spoken up about why she hasn’t yet married her fiancé Jonny Owen. The actress explained that the reasons she hasn’t yet married Jonny are multi-fold. 

Part of the reason, she explained, was due to work commitments as well as the Coronavirus pandemic. 

But the Line of Duty star also explained that they will eventually get around to it when the time is right. 

In full, she told WalesOnline in May 2020: “We tried to get the wedding booked and we kept looking at different things, but what was going on this year work-wise and now the way the world is, we were never going to find the time.

“I feel for a lot of people who have had weddings booked and arranged. 

“So we will get around to the big day as and when.”

Vicky added that she’s happy to chill out for the time being and enjoy her time with Jonny before marriage. 

The actress said: “For now, I’m happy to have a curry with my joggers on, watching telly with Jonny. That’s the pinnacle!”

Jonny and Vicky also spoke about the proposal, how it came about and when it happened. 

Jonny explained how after he bought the ring he was going to propose with, he went for a few pints to celebrate. 

He said he was nervous that he would lose the ring, however, after getting a bit too drunk. 

“I bought the ring and then went out for a few pints after I bought it,” recalls Jonny. 

“I was a bit nervous because it cost a few grand. I thought, ‘If I get pi**ed and lose it, there’s no coming back from this’.”

“There was a guy behind the bar in the pub I was in called Danny, who I knew well, so I asked him if he could keep hold of the ring and I’d come back for it the next day.”

Jonny then said that he hid the ring in the teabags to avoid being caught out by Vicky. 

“Fair play to him, he put it in their safe overnight. Then on Christmas Day I put it in among the teabags.”

Jonny said he had hoped that Vicky would cry after opening the teabag and finding the ring, but that it was “the complete opposite”, and instead, Vicky found the ring and Jonny simply asked her to marry him. 

Vicky recently spoke up about a potential return to Line Of Duty, teasing a possible season seven return. 

The star explained that although she was unaware whether or not the show would continue, she was “game” for any future continuation. 

She said, in full, during an interview with Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas on The One Show yesterday: “When I get asked about it, you know, it’s up to the press what they put as a headline and all I’ve said, basically is, ‘If it goes again, I’m game’.”

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