New Beyonce Music Was Leaked, Then Taken Down Quickly

Last night, the Beyhive probably thought their queen Beyonce was giving them an early Beymas present by releasing new music, but it was all just one big lie. Because it wasn’t new music and Beyonce wasn’t even the one who put it out. She was the victim of a shifty hacker who released old songs under the name “Queen Carter” on both Apple Music and Spotify.

Vibe reports that the ten track release, titled Have Your Way, dropped yesterday causing mass hysteria for the already hysterical Beyhive.

Initially, Have Your Way was thought to be a new album, but it turned out to be demos and unreleased tracks that most members of the Beyhive had probably already stolen from LimeWire back in the day.  In short, it wasn’t an official release and just the work of a bored hacker who was probably wondering how could they break a million people’s hearts during the most wonderful time of the year. Not that it matters because the music had disappeared by midnight anyway so this really was just a lesson in the art of futility. Ironically, yesterday the same thing happened to SZA (who I always want to call Sizzla). Her record label Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) immediately put out a “Nah Bitch‘ statement to let her fans know she ain’t ready to moan and wail for you with new music just yet.

SZA’s old tunes were also leaked earlier today under the “Sister Solana” moniker. TDE’s Punch confirmed that the new songs were not apart of a new album. “There is no new SZA album out,” he tweeted. “Old songs were stolen and leaked. We are currently fixing the issue. Please feel free to continue enjoying Ctrl until the next album is ready.”

I don’t know why anyone would believe Beyonce has time to put to out new music when she and Jay Z just pulled off the ultimate shakedown with their tour this past summer as well as her recent stint as the female Adam Sandler in India a few weeks ago. India was actually a stop during her time vacationing in South Asia and as a treat for her fans she recently uploaded two pics of her twins Rumi and Sir to her website.

This probably still won’t please the BeyHive because they’d rather have the new music. I can hear them now saying “Those babies ain’t new either! Why do you hate us Queen, WHYYYY??!!


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