New mom Kat Von D shares struggle with breastfeeding

Adjusting to motherhood hasn’t been easy for Kat Von D.

As the celebrity tattoo artist shared Wednesday on Instagram, she had to look to outside sources in order to obtain breastmilk for newborn son Leafar.

“During the first two days of Leafar’s life, his blood sugar count had been low, and as much as I had committed myself to strictly breastfeed, my milk hadn’t come in yet,” the new mom, 36, explained.

“The pediatrician suggested asking around to see if any friends might have a bit of extra milk they could donate — and if not, I’d have to consider supplementing with formula — something we personally did not want to do,” she added.

With the help of Sara Howard, her midwife, she connected with Morgan Campbell, who met Von D’s dietary requirements of having a “plant-based diet.”

“Without even knowing me, and without question, [she] stepped up and donated a few ounces to us in the middle of the night,” said the makeup guru.

Von D also revealed Leafar’s levels have improved.

“We are now happily breastfeeding at home,” she said.

Von D and husband Leafar Seyer recently announced they had welcomed their first child.

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