Nicole Scherzinger May Have Spilled Shady Open Marriage Tea On T.I. And Tiny's Relationship

While getting lit with a bunch of high-pitched, well-dressed white women (AKA my Saturday night), Nicole Scherzinger made some comments which have us all talking about none other than… T.I. and Tiny? Sure, why not. Let’s see what shit she stirred up while drunk off of a margarita.

Tiny and T.I. have a messy marriage. He has been accused of acting out of turn on numerous occasions and seemed to be the OG Tristan Thompson. But unlike Tristan, T.I. actually tries to stop the divorces. Butt-gropings aside, it seems that Tiny and T.I. are in it for a while, and it’s been rumored that a part of keeping this marriage alive involves the two inviting another lady into the bedroom with them. Well, Nicole is ready to take a fan to those flames, and she did.

Nicole was on E!’s LadyGang where she played a game of word association and said the first thing that came to her mind upon seeing a male celebrity she’d worked with. She brought up Simon Cowell‘s bootcut jeans, and brought up a story of how 50 Cent taught her to manifest her “bad bitch” energy. T.I. got the full side-eye treatment, and at first she called him “hot.” Then the blondest of the LadyGang gave a lil tidbit of her own, saying:

“One time him and Tiny invited me over for dinner!”

She giggled and Nicole’s eyebrows rose with intrigue and awareness. “I’m sure they did,” she replied, “I’m sure they did…” Blondie said she was quite flattered, getting Nicole’s meaning, and Nicole solidified their inside shade by shouting:

“They were like: ‘Guess what’s for dinner–you, bitch!’”

Oh Nicole, Nicole, Nicole… everyone feels safe in the soft, shady embrace of non-apologetic, drunk white girls, but listen honey: you will feel different in the cold, sober light of day. When Tiny is knocking on your door in sweats, a ballcap and sunglasses, you know she isn’t there for bottomless mimosas at brunch–she’s there to kick your ass. LadyGang only has gang in the name, but Tiny knows people.

Watch Nicole dig her own grave below:

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