Nikki Bella Enjoyed Making John Cena Jealous With Her Peter Kraus Date: It ‘Felt Good’

Nikki Bella’s playing the game! Here’s why she was ‘happy’ to go on a date with ‘The Bachelorette’ star Peter Kraus, a reason that had to do with John Cena…HL has the EXCLUSIVE details.

Nikki Bella, 35, hopes that her ex-fiancé John Cena, 41, was among the fans who quaked after watching the Total Bellas Season 4 premiere trailer on Nov. 28! Her shocking date with The Bachelorette star Peter Kraus was previewed in the teaser (below), just shy of five months after Bella and John called off their relationship for good. We’re now hearing that Nikki realized she didn’t have feelings for Peter…but that doesn’t mean the date was for nothing! “Nikki knew it would draw attention and of course, she knew it would bother John a bit as well, so she was happy to do it,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. Well played!

Although Nikki and John haven’t been together since July, the episode was filmed when the WWE stars’ breakup was still a recent memory! “The show filmed awhile ago and she thought Peter was nice and cute, but it was so fresh after the breakup,” our source explains, referring to why their romance didn’t continue beyond one date. However, Peter was a “bit more into the idea” going into the one night rendezvous (which reportedly included a gondola ride, per TMZ). With that said, Nikki and Peter “won’t be keeping in touch,” our insider says.

The success rate of the date doesn’t really matter, anyways. What matters is that John’s aware — his ex-boo is moving on! “Does it make her feel good to know that John has probably caught wind of the situation? Absolutely,” our source reveals. But the Bumblebee actor shouldn’t be too jealous, since in reality, Nikki “has no time for a rebound,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY tells us! It’s hard to squeeze in regular gondola rides with a career in the ring and on reality television. “So many people want her to date and she just wants to enjoy being single,” our other insider explains. “Dating is a chore, she just wants to have fun. She will find someone eventually but she is in no rush at all.” And to John’s credit, his former lover “hasn’t found anything that special since,” our source says!

Our sources reiterate the original report about Nikki and Peter’s date, which we relayed to you on Dec. 4. “While her date looked every bit like an episode of ‘Bachelorette’ — which included a ride on a gondola and sipping wine — fact is, there just weren’t any sparks for her to wanna lock down a second date,” a source close to Nikki told TMZ. So, what kind of man gets a second date in Nikki’s jam-packed schedule? Another source gave us the scoop on who the E! star thinks she’ll end up with. Find out what kind of man she’s certain she’ll date next!

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