Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mama Blasted for Making Claim About Her Loyalty to Him

Tanisha Foster, who now goes by the name Chyna Hussle on Instagram, is accused of disrespecting Lauren London after seemingly wanting credit for her loyalty to the late rapper.

AceShowbiz -It’s been over two years since Nipsey Hussle passed away, but people cannot stop speaking about him. One of them is none other than his ex and baby mama Tanisha Foster, who had split from the rapper years before his sudden and tragic death in a shooting in March 2019.

Tanisha, who now goes by the name Chyna Hussle on Instagram, brought up Nipsey’s name on her Instagram Story post on Sunday, May 30. Sharing a throwback photo of her with the Los Angeles star when they were still together, she made her loyalty to him be known as she wrote in the caption, “I stood by his side when no one else was there.”

Some people were not impressed by Chyna’s claim, seeing her post as disrespectful toward Lauren London, who was Nipsey’s girlfriend at the time of his passing. “Please girl not today,” one person told the mother of Emani Asghedom, whom she shared with Nipsey.

“no ma’am!!!” another responded to Chyna’s post, while a third branded her “MESSYYYYYYY.” A fourth user claimed, “I bet this girl gave Lauren hell. These bms that refuse to move on or heal are the worst!” while another remarked, “We not about to disrespect Lauren on this good Sunday.”

Some others, however, thought that Chyna has the right to make such claim since she did have a history with Nipsey. “Can’t take her time with him away from her either,” one of her defenders wrote. Another pointed out, “Just because he was with Lauren when he died, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a story to tell. That woman is allowed to grieve and tell her story too.”

“She was with him at some point to and loved him regardless so she doesn’t get to reminisce too??” one other hit back at the critics. “Don’t drag this woman like she wasn’t part of his legacy also,” someone told the haters.

Another elaborated why Chyna’s “allowed to express her feelings,” arguing, “she was with him when he was in his darkest days in the streets . Y’all don’t know what they went through together. She birthed the mans whole child , she will always be tied to him no matter who likes it . And knowing Lauren and how peaceful she is , she wouldn’t condone bashing her.”

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