‘No time to chat’ This Morning’s Dr Zoe spills on what Holly Willoughby is really like

Dr Zoe Williams discusses her baby's medical issues

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Dr Zoe Williams spoke out on what Holly Willoughby – and fellow This Morning host Phillip Schofield – are truly like when the cameras aren’t rolling. The former Gladiator, now Britain’s favourite female TV doctor, scarcely finds time to chat with them in the studio, but has still hailed the pair as hugely supportive, revealing even when she’s not saying a single word, Holly is skilled at giving her a “verbal hug”.

Once you’re having a chat with [Phil and Holly], you forget all about the cameras and the people watching at home

Dr Zoe Williams

Zoe also admitted Holly, who previously studied Psychology, is excellent at the “art” of making her feel at ease, even when she’s battling nerves about addressing the entire nation on the show.

“[Holly and Phil] are so amazing [to work with]. They’re so professional, but they’re also very warm and friendly,” Zoe praised.

“We don’t have much time to chat because when I’m actually sat with them, it might be an ad break or something [and] you might have two minutes before it’s back to live on air,” she lamented.

“However they’re always very nice and they’ve always been very supportive since I started on This Morning.”

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Zoe confessed it was the award shows and parties when the trio have the opportunity to “actually get to know each other and have a little bit of chat”.

“Holly is exactly as you would imagine, she gives you that little verbal hug and a little warm smile,” she elaborated.

The warmth also extends to when Zoe is on air, with the TV doctor explaining: “I do feel quite nervous at times and I feel like when I am nervous, they pick up on it.

“[In that situation] they’re just so friendly, they just make you feel welcome and once you’re having a chat with them, you forget all about the cameras and the people watching at home.

“They’re very good at the art of doing that, and the art of feeling like you’re just having a conversation with them.”

Zoe has also fallen back on what she learnt during her former role on the TV show Gladiators to help her battle her on screen anxieties.

“As a Gladiator, you weren’t allowed to show your nerves. You had to be your character,” she explained candidly.

“I was Amazon, so I had to be a tough, strong, confident Amazonian woman.

“My knees were shaking and I was terrified, but I wasn’t allowed to show that.


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“You might hear your voice shaking, but if you have to appear to be strong and confident, projecting that impacts you on the inside.

“I have been able to use [what I learnt on Gladiators] in my career on This Morning.

“My hormones [were] all over the place, I had anxiety, but projecting confidence impacts you on the inside.”

Zoe is no longer speaking solely to 40 people per day in her clinic, but is now addressing “potentially millions of people” as she faces the nation on a hugely popular breakfast show, so it’s no surprise that she might feel fear about the transition.

Yet in spite of that, Zoe has managed to conquer her nerves and appear outwardly calm and serene.

Now, she has voiced a desire to expand beyond her current role, confessing she’d love “an opportunity to be part of a TV show where I’m not there as the medical expert”.

“I think there’s a big side of my personality and who I am that doesn’t get an opportunity to shine on This Morning,” she confided.

“We all have these different personas that we rely upon, depending on what role we’re playing, so it would be great to make some TV… and get to show people Zoe rather than Dr Zoe.”

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