Offset Looks Tired After Birthday Weekend and Cardi Rejection

Offset looked like a dude who hadn’t seen much sleep as he capped off his birthday weekend with a final club stop … and it also seems like he had Cardi B on the brain.

We got the Migos rapper heading into the Argyle nightclub in Hollywood Sunday night — day 3 of this birthday festivities — and our photog tried peppering him with questions about Cardi and his failed attempt to publicly get her back during her Rolling Loud set. 

He stayed mum, but his face says a lot here … I’M F***IN’ TIRED, BRO!!! That’s what we’re seeing, anyway. Makes sense — he’s been partying since at least Friday.

Just the day before, he was covered in a diamond-crusted face mask and surrounded by his best pals at another venue … this right after he’d ambushed his wife onstage. And, of course, Offset was also celebrating the day before that too (his actual birthday) … rounding out the trifecta. 

As tired as he appears, we’re gonna take a leap and say he might’ve also been feeling bummed about the Cardi sitch, for which he got dragged online after many folks accused him of hijacking her moment to selfishly satisfy his agenda … begging for forgiveness. 

Second thoughts, mate?

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