Olicity Are ‘In A Good Place’ Now After ‘Elseworlds’ Body Swap

It looks like Olicity are in much better place now, after the first tumultuous episodes of the Arrow season, which started out with Oliver in jail and Felicity under protective custody.

But after last night’s Elseworlds episode, the couple are back in a good place, according to EP Beth Schwartz.

She told press that Oliver and Felicity were “in a good place now. Since [Arrow consulting producer Marc Guggenheim] wrote [episode 9] and I wrote [episode 8] and knew what the arc was, we just kind of worked together to make sure that it all came together as a piece.”

She added, “I think it worked out kind of perfectly because as, well, she’ll say, I guess not until the episode after that, but just the fact that he became a different person literally in the crossover and she’s become a different person, he was able to understand her journey, which made for a perfect time to realize that he might have been overreacting in episode 8, and it was a nice resolution as well.”

If you missed the moment, it had Oliver realizing the depth of Felicity’s misery while he was behind bars and in turn, he reassured his wife that “love is too small a word” to describe his feelings for her, no matter what the world has in store for them.

“You will always be the love of my life,” he told her. “People change. That never will.”

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