Ollie Ollerton tutorials squat workout SAS: Who Dares Wins-style

Ollie Ollerton is back with our fourth and final week of his SAS: Who Dares Wins-style workouts and this one’s all about the squats. 

While we can’t get low in the clubs right now, Ollie has kindly put together a way to master those squats at home with a few other moves that require little equipment. 

It’s an all over 15-minute body workout using kit from Ollie’s fitness brand 360 Battle Box and starts off with a set of pull-ups, dips and push-ups. 

Then moving onto some band-assisted squats before a set of bicep curls and then using the ab roller.

Next round, you’re going to do two reps but see how many you can do without going any longer than 15 minutes. 

Start off with some skipping as a warm-up for a couple of minutes before going into pull-ups, squats, the bicep curls and then lastly the ab roller again. 

That’s that!

Feel free to switch it up with week one, week two and week three of Ollie Ollerton’s exclusive workouts with Metro.co.uk.

With a passion to help people live better lives, Ollie Ollerton alongside co-star Jason Fox, has launched a new fitness app, Battle Ready 360, aimed at achieving the perfect balance between mind, body and nutrition. 

Users interested in Battle Ready 360 are encouraged to visit the App Store, where a seven-day free trial is available to try out the product.

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