Open Post: Hosted By Michael Keaton Giving You Silver Daddy Imperiousness On His "Dumbo" Poster

Michael Keaton is a class act and always has been since Mister Mom right on up until he quietly shelved his Oscars acceptance speech when he didn’t win Best Actor for Birdman. And finally, the class act within has been turned without and we see him in his full glory! Here’s Michael Keaton done up as “V.A. Vandervere” in he upcoming live-action Dumbo flick. Please note the wavy perfection of the hair, the austere blue of the shades, and the sexy, commanding finger on that cane. Cane ME, Mr. Vandervere! Silver Fox Michael Keaton is already the best-dressed at tonight’s Golden Globes and I don’t think he’s even going to tonight’s Golden Globes.

Michael Keaton’s character’s expression echoes all off of us who wish that Hollywood would actually create some new characters, situations, and plots and stop strip-mining the classics. Don’t they have enough money? They own Luke Skywalker now! Won’t that bring in scratch for the rest of time?

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Pics: Disney

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