Open Post: Hosted By The Bacon Vending Machine

Every time I think the “everybody loves bacon, bacon, bacon!” trope is beat, I eat bacon and realize why it’s a thing. It’s salty and delicious. Even the fatty parts are scrumptious. This accounts for the existence of a bacon vending machine! Indianapolis’ NBC 13 WTHR reports that they’re installing a bacon vending machine at Ohio State University! Will these be available for break rooms across America? My job’s vending machine has nothing of value.

The Ohio Pork Council has installed a bacon vending machine in the university’s animal science building at the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Through Dec. 13, students will be able to get bacon on demand for just $1, according to our sister station 10TV. While the machine is on campus, students in the meat science program will be responsible for stocking and maintaining it.

First of all, the Ohio Pork Council needs to get on the stick and make this a national thing. $1 bacon at your fingertips? Will there be an app so I can just get $10 worth every day? Secondly, “Meat Science” is a major? It sounds like the title of a gay porn where every one’s playing a scientist and no one has anything on under their lab coats.

Pic: Ohio Pork Council

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