Open Post: Hosted By The Pup Who Broke Into A Neighbor's Sex Toy Package

I’m a dog person, but Man’s Best Friend can also be Man’s Nosiest Pain In The Ass – he’s called Snoopy for a reason, y’all! A British couple thought they were being good neighbors to someone who lived down the street by holding a package that came when the neighbor wasn’t at home. They stowed the package and figured they’d give it to them when they came home. Alas, their pooch wanted to see what was inside the box…and found out what a freak in the sheets their neighbor is!

Lad Bible says Lee Edwards and Jenna Crozier went into a room where the package was only to find out their Lab, Bonnie, had torn into the box and found a six-inch pink dildo. Jenna put the pleasure stick in a bag and passed it off to their red-faced neighbor later that day. What’s funny is Lee is a dog trainer and just thought it was one of the things he uses to keep pups in line:

“I came downstairs and at first I thought it was a training toy. I train dogs for a living and we do have toys that are similar. Then I thought it might have been Jenna’s and was thinking, ‘Why has she bought that?’ It was just lying there on the floor… then I saw what had happened to the box.I didn’t want to touch it and didn’t want the neighbour to think I’d touched it so I cordoned it off like a crime scene. It’s embarrassing but you can see the funny side of it.”

There’s dog training toy and sex toy overlap?? Who knew doggy day care could be such a wild time! Jenna was more of a snitch and said Bonnie played with the toy for an hour. She also noted it was an Ann Summers toy (“wasn’t a huge one, just a standard size”) and that her neighbor in her late 40s came over and scooped it up later. Damn, Jenna, why don’t you share her name and Social Security Number while you’re at it?! Jenna says she hasn’t seen her neighbor since, and, I’d imagine for blabbing this to the press, there’s going to be a place for sale shortly down the street from Lee, Jenna, and Bonnie!

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