Oscar De La Hoya Wants to Fight Dana White, I'll 'Kick Your Ass'

Oscar De La Hoya wants to settle his beef with Dana White once and for all … with violence.

The boxing legend is pissed off at White — claiming Dana blocked UFC legend Georges St-Pierre from participating in a boxing match with Oscar.

St-Pierre seemingly confirmed the move in a recent interview with CinemaBlend — saying, “I understand that Dana didn’t want me to fight.”

He added, “However, it would have been fun. Because my career as a professional fighter, to become the best in the world in mixed martial arts, is done. “

“However, to rather fight a boxing match under the rules that Triller put on against the legendary Oscar De La Hoya? For me, it would have been a dream come true, because he is my second favorite boxer of all time, behind ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard.”

Dana hasn’t publicly commented on the matter — but Oscar is fuming … and Friday, he called out the UFC honcho on Twitter.

“[Dana White], Quit blocking [Georges St-Pierre’s] chance to fight,” Oscar said.

“How about we get into the ring first little B*#ch then after I kick your ass, I’ll fight a real man.”

So far, no response from Dana.

The two have feuded publicly for years — with things really escalating in 2017 when Oscar slammed White for his involvement in the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match.

Oscar put out a statement calling it a “circus” and said it would hurt the sport of boxing. Dana didn’t appreciate that and blasted him as a lying, stupid “cokehead.”

Yeah, no love here.

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