Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen issues ‘vital’ plea over Ravenseat amid Clive Owen split

Amanda Owen defended by Vine after social services warning

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Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen, 47, has taken to Instagram in a plea to those who are planning on visiting her family’s farm in Ravenseat. The star has expressed frustration over those who have failed to live up to the “countryside code”.

She posted a short clip and caption to her 523,000 followers to raise awareness of the “important” issue.

In the video, she said of her and estranged husband Clive Owen’s farm: “Well it’s an absolutely beautiful day and we’re out and about on the farm in the countryside and enjoying these beautiful green spaces.

“Now there are simple guidelines that we follow; that’s not to litter.

“If you have a dog with you, do not have it off the leash where there’s livestock and ground nesting birds.

“To close all the gates, and to have a safe and enjoyable time when you’re out in the countryside.”

In her caption she wrote: “Ad. As Ravenseat is so prominent on the Coast to Coast path we have a huge number of hikers passing by, so it’s important that our visitors help to maintain this beautiful part of the world.

“The Countryside Code, produced by @naturalengland, is vital to the present and future of our green spaces, however there are a few takeaways which I’m particularly passionate about. We should all:

“Leave gates as we find them, follow farmers instructions when animals are being moved, not approach animals and not feed animals.

“Dispose of litter – (picnics are commonplace for the children in the milder seasons, but we always make sure we leave no trace. Always take a bag out with you, use public bins or take the rubbish home with you. Protect the countryside and the wildlife in it).

“Keep dogs on a lead near to animals, make sure they follow rights of way if off lead, pick up dog poo and dispose of it in a bin. If there are no bins, take it home with you and dispose of it properly there.

“As a Shepherdess and dog owner I know how important they are to my job, but also the wonderful companionship that dogs bring too. Dogs should be welcomed into the countryside, but the above key rules should be followed.

“In the UK, you don’t have to go far to enjoy the countryside, but wherever you decide to explore I think it’s always worth remembering the message which I regularly say to the children, ‘take only memories and leave only footprints’.”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess closed up the message by saying: “Click my link in the bio to visit the Countryside Code for further guidance to help you plan before you go on an adventure this summer.

“Let me know where your favourite green spaces to visit are in the comments below.”

Fans then took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

Comebine53 said: “As someone who has worked on a farm most of my life I totally agree.

“People must follow the country code and now its so dry not light fires.”

Gail.db wrote: “Good for you Amanda, as a country dweller myself.

“I totally understand and hope people will take heed of your advice!!!!”

Chris_thishikes commented: As a hiker who absolutely loves the Yorkshire dales swaldale is the nicest.

“I couldn’t agree more we shut gate’s others leave open and take others rubbish.”

Trudypollard2 penned: “Not just the countryside, sadly our beaches are so full of rubbish that is left behind.

“Why do people carry heavy bags of food and drinks then can’t take it back.

“We have roped off areas on our beach for nesting birds with signs and they still let the dogs off the leads then go mad when dogs are banned. Ruins it for everyone. Makes me so mad.”

Amanda’s warning comes after the Yorkshire Shepherdess announced her split from husband Clive after 21 years together in a social media announcement last month.

Amanda told her 513,000 followers: “Clive and I are sad to confirm that we have made the difficult decision to separate.

“This hasn’t been easy, but we both believe it’s the right choice for the future of our family.”

The couple share nine children together; Raven, Reuben, Miles, Edith, Violet, Sidney, Annas, Clemmy, and Nancy.

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