Overdue Lucy Mecklenburgh works out as she awaits baby girl’s arrival

An overdue Lucy Mecklenburgh has turned to exercise while she waits for her new baby girl to arrive.

The former The Only Way is Essex star, 30, is expecting her second baby with former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas.

She is deep in her third trimester and now past her due date, so making the most of her time before her new arrival.

Lucy took to her Instagram to show her 1.7 million followers what she's been doing to pass time.

“So when you’re overdue, what do you do?” the reality TV star joked. “Rest and relax? Or do a workout.”

Lucy wore a grey sports bra with dark grey gym leggings in the video, and showed her huge bump to the camera, before encouraging her fiancé Ryan to join in with the workout.

Lucy then uses a double buggy, which she has been “gathering dust” while waiting for the new arrival, to do a gentle barre workout.

She holds onto the pram for balance as she bounces up and down on her toes and squats.

“Maternity legging won’t even go over this bump lol” she wrote over the video.

In a recent Instagram post, Lucy revealed that her due date was on Sunday. She celebrated by having a mother-and-son cooking day with two year old Roman.

She wrote: “Its actually my due date today eekkk and I’m getting some snacks at the ready for those long nights ahead.”

Lucy also took to social media to say that she had a sweep on Monday to try and encourage her baby girl to arrive.

A sweep is when a midwife or doctor sweeps their finger around the cervix, separating the membranes of the amniotic sac that is around the baby from the cervix. This releases hormones which may induce labour.

Lucy revealed that she needed three of these procedures while pregnant with Roman and that she had remembered it being ‘worse’ than it was this time around.

She wrote: “Actually the sweep wasn't painful at all! It was completely fine!

“I thought it was worse from memory. Let’s hope its given baby girl a little nudge!”

The former reality star is desperate for her new baby to arrive, asking fans last week if they had any tips or tricks that would induce labour.

She had already booked reflexology, which is a common treatment for those struggling with stress and anxiety during pregnancy.

It can also help relieve mood swings, backache, muscle pain and sleeping problems, all too common for women at the end of their pregnancy.

Yet Lucy wanted her followers to suggest anything else that may help the couple meet their little girl sooner.

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