Paola Mayfield, Karine Staehle & More ’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Rocking Baby Bumps — Pics

From engagement rings to baby bumps! So many fan favorites on TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance’ have given birth to adorable little ones. Take a look at their sweetest maternity pics!

90 Day Fiance fans may watch the TLC show to get caught up on their favorite couples, but it isn’t all about them. In fact, many of the reality stars have started growing their families! Whether the lovely ladies got pregnant while filming the show or after the cameras stopped rolling, stars like Paola Mayfield, 31, and Karine Staehle are so fun to follow on social media where they post baby bump pics galore. Paola is notorious for showing off her budding belly with barely-there bikinis, thongs and skintight dresses. She even once posed in a bathtub wearing nothing but rose petals! Karine has flaunted her bare baby bump too, even recording a sweet video of her little one kicking her stomach. Aw!

But while these two 90 Day Fiance stars are still waiting for their bundles of joy to arrive, many of the other cast members have already welcomed theirs to the world. Take Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova for instance. In a recent episode, Steven received major flack for telling Olga that she needed to treat him as equally as the baby and couldn’t “put the kid before” him — and this was just days after she gave birth! Alan and Kirlyam Cox have had their son around for over a year, though, and they seem to have found the perfect balance. They sure look like a happy family in every picture they post with adorable little Liam. But back when she was still expecting, Kirlyam loved posting pics of her pregnancy to social media whether she was in a dressing room or at home.

So take a look at the gallery above for more stunning pics of these TLC stars waiting for their babies to arrive!

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