Paris Hilton: My mom changes the subject when I talk about the abuse at boarding school

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Paris Hilton is off on her honeymoon with husband Carter Reum. Her ‘fantasy’ three-day wedding celebration was documented for the cameras for a Peacock series called Paris in Love that is currently streaming. I haven’t seen it but apparently the wedding wasn’t the only subject broached. According to Yahoo, Paris discussed her docu-series, This is Paris with her brother Barron in which she talked about her abuse at the Provo Canyon School. Paris had been sent to PC School by her parents to ‘correct’ her behavior after she acted out in New York City in the 90s. But Paris claimed what took place at the school was not corrective but rather torture. She’s testified against the school both in Utah and before Congress since speaking out about her treatment. I am not a Paris apologist but I am gutted by what happened to her at the PC School and very impressed she used her voice to work towards reform. Her mother, Kathy Hilton, however, doesn’t want to talk about it. According to Paris’ discussion with Barron, every time she brings the subject up, Kathy changes the topic to something else. And she’s never watched Paris’ series on it either.

Paris Hilton says her parents haven’t yet watched her documentary about the alleged abuse she suffered at a boarding school for troubled teens.

The entrepreneur, who married Carter Reum earlier this month, spoke about the situation in her Peacock series Paris In Love, which is about the “Stars Are Blind” singer planning her star-studded wedding. In a conversation with her brother, Barron Hilton, she talked about her YouTube documentary series This Is Paris, in which she opened up for the first time about her experience at the Provo Canyon School.

Though the school claims to help teenagers battling mental health issues, it has faced years of abuse allegations from previous students. In her documentary series, Hilton said the school was a “torture camp,” where she was “verbally, physically, emotionally, psychologically abused on a daily basis.”

Hilton, whose parents Kathy and Richard Hilton sent her to the school in the ‘90s after she acted out while living in New York City, told Barron that she and her parents have not spoken about what she discussed in This Is Paris, and that neither have watched the series.

“Every time I bring up Provo, my mom changes the subject,” she told the cameras. “I don’t want to hurt her feelings, I don’t want to upset her.”

When Barron asked if she would want to sit down with her family to discuss her experiences, Hilton said that they “don’t like talking about things.”

“Mom is just so fun and chill, she doesn’t really like to get serious,” Hilton explained. “I’ve never really had a serious, deep conversation about things like that. She doesn’t like to think about that. She just likes to be happy. I don’t want to kill her vibe.”

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I know Paris is extremely problematic. Unfortunately, her PC School stories come far too close to home for me to not feel for her. It will be hard for me to look at Kathy the same way again listening to this. I remember one line in the promo for This is Paris in which Kathy defended herself by saying that they had no idea, they thought they were helping. Until you’ve had any interaction with a psyche ward, a juvenile correctional institution or in-house rehabilitation center, you simply have no idea that they are not operating for the benefit of the children they’re treating. Whether the child was admitted voluntarily or not, most of these places are just managing them while looking to keep their money coming in, be it from rich parents or insurance companies. Kathy ignoring Paris’ experience makes me see red. Paris will be healing from this the rest of her life and Kathy needs to help that. To put the onus of that entire experience on Paris, including shielding Kathy from the decision she made for her daughter so her “vibe” doesn’t get thrown off, is tragic.

In February, Paris spoke in Washington DC as I mentioned. At that time, Kathy posted how proud she was of Paris for doing so. In her caption Kathy wrote, “I am honored to stand by her side as she uses her voice to shed light on this important issue and mission.” But she’s not by Paris’ side. If Kathy won’t even hear Paris’ story, she’s turned her back on her.

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