Paris Hilton's First Gig as a DJ Was Almost a Total Disaster

Paris Hilton is known for a lot of things–partying, scandals, jail time… Unfortunately, her name doesn’t always conjure up positive connotations. However, Hilton is actually a phenomenal businesswoman with a creative mind. Over the years, she’s created a brand that includes numerous product lines and boutiques around the globe. 

In addition to her product lines, she’s also built quite a music career. She has a passion for EDM and loves being a DJ. She’s become one of the most sought-after female DJs in the world, and she loves every minute of it. Her first experience as a DJ certainly wasn’t flawless, though…

What has Paris Hilton been doing after she got out of jail?

After her famous stint in jail in 2007, Paris Hilton swore she was a changed woman, and she was going to lead a more productive life. She’d become well-known for being splashed across the tabloids, always involved in some sort of scandalous behavior. 

Her arrest for a DUI and the subsequent charges for driving with a suspended license provided even more fodder for the tabloids. People were shocked when she was given actual prison time for her offense, as celebrities usually get off with a slap on the wrist in those situations.

Her sentence ended up being harsher than a regular citizen would have received, because the court was trying to prove that they don’t let celebrities get away with everything. 

She served a few days, then was released and placed under house arrest instead, due to a “medical condition.” However, the judge reversed that order and a few days later, Hilton found herself right back in her tiny cell. She spent 23 days in jail, which was five times more than the average person served for similar charges. 

Once Hilton was released, she vowed to change her ways. She focused on several endeavors, including launching numerous product lines and creating a music career. By 2014, she was named the Best Breakthrough DJ, and quickly became the highest-paid female DJ in the world. She now has over 50 boutiques worldwide, selling products from handbags to accessories to fragrances. 

What happened the first time she went solo as a DJ?

According to Even the Rich, Hilton’s first solo DJ performance took place at the Pop Music Festival in São Paulo, Brazil in 2012. As always, she showed up on stage in style, sporting diamond-encrusted headphones and a black, glittering bodysuit. Her performance wasn’t as flawless as her outfit, however–not even close.

First, a strange hand appears from under the table, adjusting the levels on her mixer. Then, after introducing her new single with Afrojack, she accidentally starts playing a Rihanna song at the same time. Maybe the crowd thought it was just a new mash-up, but it sounded pretty horrible. 

Although her first gig didn’t go super smoothly, the crowd didn’t seem to mind too much. They were still dancing and having a good time. When Hilton’s face flashed up on the jumbo screen behind her, she looked as cool as a cucumber, smiling and winking into the audience. 

Despite not-so-great reviews, Hilton was offered another DJ gig, this time at a club in Cannes. She was still learning, but she drew big crowds and even bigger paychecks. By the time she played in Ibiza, she was earning $2.7 million for four nights. Some other DJs weren’t too happy with Hilton’s sudden success–they felt she had no talent and was drawing crowds because of her name. 

Deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”)–a Canadian musician, producer, and DJ–was quick to call out Hilton. He said she was a phony, but Hilton came right back at him, tweeting “Sorry that I’m #killingit while doing what I love and live for…” 

Paris Hilton lets the world in with her documentary

Hilton grew up in the lap of luxury, leading a very privileged life. She was given basically anything she wanted, and grew into a very rebellious teen. Her parents sent her to multiple reform schools in an attempt to keep her on the straight and narrow. It never worked, as Hilton made a habit of running away from them. 

She continued to drink and party, with the reform schools having very little effect. That was the story up until she found herself at Provo Canyon in Utah. It was her time at this school that was the driving force behind her 2020 documentary, This is Paris

The documentary shows a very different side of Hilton than we have ever seen. She is vulnerable, and seems far more honest and real than the cool, aloof image she’s created. She talks about the traumatic experiences that she and other students at Provo are still struggling to move past. This is Paris finally gives fans a glimpse of the real Paris Hilton. 

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