Phillip Schofield reveals emotional picture of him crying that he sent to his family

This Morning's Phillip Schofield has shared a photo of himself in tears after sending the snap to his family.

The emotional moment came after Phillip saw the ending of Ricky Gervais’ TV series After Life.

The presenter, 59, shared the moment the series left him sobbing with This Morning viewers and opened up about the emotional moment while he and co-presenter Rochelle Humes were interviewing the owners of Anti, a dog that appears on the Netflix series.

He said: "We're watching it as a family and we've got our group. It was my eldest daughter who said: 'Oh my God we've just finished series three and we're in bits' – her and her boyfriend.

"They were, I think, one show ahead of me. I got to the end of it and I posted this picture on our group."

As the shot of him crying appeared on screen, he said: "That's me. At the end of After Life.

"It was Brandy, Anti that did a lot of that to me. It is a stunning series to be in. It's beautiful."

Phillip has two daughters – Molly, 29, and Ruby, 26, – with his wife Stephanie.

German Shepherd dog Anti doubles for Ricky Gervais' character Tony's dog Brandy in the comedy.

Both of them appear in the tear-jerking final scenes of the series, which Ricky, 60, has insisted will be the last ever.

The dog's owner Ash Foster explained: "If I want to get eyelines to actors I can get her to look wherever I want her to look behind camera by using my meat wand."

He then showed the audience a metal stick with a treat on the end, revealing how Anti would look wherever it was directed.

Anti can also shake their head and spin in a circle thanks to the motivation of getting a snack.

It comes after Phillip recently left This Morning audience in stitches ashe couldn’t control his laughter while talking to a woman with a custard phobia.

The presenter burst out laughing when a caller on the show retched every time they mentioned the desert sauce.

In a show segment where the show hosts were discussing phobias, a caller from Manchester said she was terrified of custard – and they even had to resort to calling it “yellow stuff” as the word itself made the caller uneasy.

In a clip that’s since gone viral, Phillip explained: “Listen, I am so so sorry Michelle for laughing. But that really is just an extraordinary noise.

"I feel terrible for laughing like that but that's just such a terrible noise."

The caller replied: "It's horrible" – before cutting off to retch again – adding: "It's vile."

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