Prince William & Kate were very eager to grab those Cornwall titles

Everyone knows that Prince Charles became King Charles the moment his mother died. The other title switches will take longer though – Prince William won’t become Prince of Wales until he has the investiture ceremony at Caernarfon Castle in Wales. William won’t be “invested” as PoW until King Charles III says so. While Charles was the “presumptive” PoW as a child, his investiture didn’t happen until he was 19 years old. My guess/theory is that Charles will make William wait for the PoW investiture until after Charles’s coronation. Like coronations, an investiture of that magnitude involves months of planning. Plus, Charles might want to make William squirm a bit.

So while William is not automatically Prince of Wales, he did automatically become Duke of Cornwall, and Kate automatically became Duchess of Cornwall. This title transfer happened the second the Queen passed, just like Charles’ kingship. The thing is, Kensington Palace was way too eager to add William and Kate’s new titles to their social media. Queen Elizabeth II had just passed only hours beforehand and this was Kensington Royal’s new header:

Before everyone yells at me, again, I know that Will and Kate are already the Cornwalls (and the Cambridges). It’s just tacky (to me) that they couldn’t wait until, like, after the funeral to claim these new titles on their social media profiles? Case in point: this is what Clarence House’s profile looked like at the very same time:

Camilla is not still the Duchess of Cornwall, but thankfully the Clarence House social media team were not concerned enough or tacky enough to immediately make the change to “King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla” within a few hours of the Queen’s passing.

As for why William and Kate are so grabby and “MINE” about the Cornwall titles… that’s where the money is. The Duchy of Cornwall is the largest land-holder in the UK. The Duchy makes tens of millions of pounds a year in farm profits, rents and investments. William and Kate can’t wait to get access to all of that money.

Meanwhile, I haven’t seen anything about William’s big, keen trip to New York? He was scheduled to be in New York on September 21. I think he’ll cancel, right?

Photos courtesy of Instar, Backgrid.

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