Prince William & Prince Harry’s Rift: Why Have The Best Friend Brothers Reportedly Been Torn Apart

Prince William and Prince Harry have reportedly drifted apart due to living in different locations, separate Instagram accounts, and more.

While all appears mostly well on the outside, Prince William, 36, and Prince Harry, 34, have reportedly been experiencing “deep tensions” as brothers, according to People magazine. Harry and his 37-year-old wife, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, relocated to Windor’s Frogmore Cottage, as opposed to remaining in Kensington Palace while starting their family and royal duties together in their first year of marriage. Even though employees of the royal palace thought of a “homogenous idea” of the two families working together under one house, that turned out to not be the case. “It was only going to work until they married — and it went on a while longer than perhaps was originally thought,” a palace courtier told the magazine.

“It’s very important for Prince Harry and Meghan to flower and create a new direction,” Robert Lacey, a royal historian, said. Another person, who works with the royal couples, said that the move is simply a “future-proofing exercise” – distance does make the heart grow fonder, some say! However, even though it’s plenty normal for two brothers to move out into separate homes while their families grow, that might not have been the only issue. Early on in Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship, the younger Prince had told his older brother he wanted to marry Meghan, and Prince William “cautioned” his brother against it, sources revealed to the magazine. Additionally, Meghan’s introduction into the royal family was met around the same time as Prince William and 37-year-old wife Kate Middleton’s third son, Louis, was born. This reportedly also “caused some strain” between the couples.

“Harry is very protective and quite rightly so,” another source revealed. “The royal household can be like that. It must be a real culture shock for her.” Meghan, who was previously an actress on Suits, has had to adjust from her acting life to her royal one. Another source said that the two couples “are at very different situations in their lives.” Prince William will one day be King – after his father, Prince Charles, 70, rules, following Queen Elizabeth II, 92 – and already has three children with Kate. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child this month.

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