Princess Charlotte’s future title has only been held by seven other royals

Princess Charlotte will be honoured with the rarest official Royal title when her father Prince William becomes King.

The seven year old’s current title is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, however this will change once her grandfather Prince Charles succeeds the throne.

Titles of honours and dukedoms assigned to the Royal Family have historical and political significance, and have been handed down from generations of monarchs that came before.

While Princess Charlotte’s brothers Prince George and Prince Louis will each have important senior royal titles, her new title will have unique importance, as it is one that only seven of her Royal ancestors have previously shared.

Prince William will likely become the Prince of Wales when Charles is King and will have his official Prince of Wales ceremony at Caernarfon Castle. Before then, Charlotte will be called HRH Princess Charlotte of Cornwall and Cambridge.

The Cornwall addition in the princess’ title descends from the oldest Dukedom which the Prince of Wales holds.

When her dad William eventually becomes King, Charlotte, who is fourth in line to the throne, will then be referred to as The Princess Royal.

This title is usually given to the eldest daughter of the sovereign — which in this case will be Charlotte, and is as effective a title as the Prince of Wales for senior Royal Family members.

Only seven Princess Royals have come before Charlotte in Royal family history, with the inaugural being the eldest daughter of King Charles I, Princess Mary.

Then followed Princess Louisa Maria (daughter of King James II and VII), Princess Anne (King George II), Princess Charlotte (King George III), Princess Victoria (Queen Victoria), Princess Louise (King Edward VII) and Princess Mary (King George V).

The latest Princess Royal is Charlotte’s great aunt, Princess Anne, the Queen’s daughter.

The title is not guaranteed if the last Princess Royal remains alive. If it is available, the monarch must bestow the title on their daughter.

The Queen herself was eligible for the name when her father King George VI became King, however did not obtain it as Mary, the daughter of deceased monarch King George V, still had the title at the time.

As children of the Cambridge family, Charlotte and her siblings are set for the most significant changes in the Royal family when it comes to their names.

Alongside her big retitling, eldest brother Prince George, who is first in line to the throne after his dad William, will be named the named the Prince of Wales when the Duke of Cambridge is King.


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