R. Kelly Gives Brief Performance At Illinois Club

R. Kelly fans paid $100 to see a 28-second performance from the embattled R&B star at a club in the Illinois capital of Springfield last weekend.

The singer announced his performance on Instagram around 7 p.m., a few hours before he was scheduled to perform, with a request to the media to “take it easy” on him.

The entrance fee was lowered to $50 once Kelly arrived.

He sang a line from his song in front of an audience of 100 people at the Dirty South Lounge in the early hours of Sunday.

Kelly is mired in a legal battle after several women made sexual abuse allegations against him.

After spending a few days behind bars, Kelly was released on bail in February as he pled not guilty to sexual abuse charges and posted a $100,000 bail.

Forbidden from making contact with females any younger than 18, the singer is awaiting trial on several sexual abuse charges, some of which have been ongoing for more than a decade.

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