Rebel Wilson Talks Filming Love Scenes With Liam Hemsworth: ‘Obviously I Respect Miley’

Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth are dishing on what it was like filming love scenes for Isn’t It Romantic!

The 38-year-old Pitch Perfect star and the 29-year-old The Dressmaker actor visited Build Series at Build Studio on Friday (February 8) in New York City.

On shooting their love scenes, Rebel shared, “Liam is such a gentleman, and obviously I respect Miley [Cyrus], like, a hundred [percent], so, you know, it was all PG-13.”

Rebel also admitted that just before filming some of the bed scenes, “I just admitted to Liam this morning something very embarrassing that happened to me in the scene where Liam comes out of the shower and I’m in bed. Um, two of my toenails had come off because of a stunt earlier in the week, and in between takes, my makeup artist was supergluing them back onto my foot because I then had to run out of the bed and jump on Liam, or whatever.”

“Did it hurt a lot?” Liam asked. “That must’ve really hurt…”

“When we would film, we would film 16 hours a day, and it was kind of brutal, and I just had to keep going because I am in every scene of the movie,” Rebel said. “The scene where we’re making out in the hallway — awesome, that one — somebody said to me, ‘We only have three shirts for Liam,’ so we only had three takes. So then I was like, ‘OK, I’m going for it.’ It is awkward if you think about it, but if you just go for it … obviously our movie was PG-13, so nothing full on was going to happen.”

Liam added, “It’s always good in-between takes to keep it nice and light, because it’s always — when you do a kissing scene with someone that you’ve been working with — now all of a sudden you have to make physical contact with their lips, that’s always a little nerve-wracking. You’re doing it in front of a lot of people, but it was really fun. We kept it light and fun.”

Isn’t It Romantic hits theaters on February 13!

FYI: Liam is wearing a Vince hoodie.

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