‘RHOP’ Star Katie Rost Splits From Fiance Because She Doesn’t Want to Have Kids With Him

The Bravo personality assures that she and Jesse are still on good terms and keep in touch after the breakup, though they do not contact each other directly.

AceShowbizKatie Rost‘s engagement to Jesse is short-lived. Just five months after they upgraded their relationship status, the reality TV star confirmed to Page Six on Wednesday, December 18 that they had called off their engagement.

Telling the publication over the phone, she revealed that they’re still on good terms despite their split and that “it wasn’t anything too overly dramatic — it was more so like a car running out of gas.” As for the reason for their split, Katie noted that it was because they had different views regarding their future. Jesse wanted to start a family with “The Real Housewives of Potomac” star, but she wasn’t on the same page.

“He wanted certain things right away, and I was just, like, I have so many other things that I need to focus on, and so I need to pause,” Katie, who has three children with ex-husband Dr. James Orsini, explained. “I have to deal with the children I already have. I can’t do that again, so I needed to just wait. I just don’t know if I want to go into straight-up wife mode right now.”

Katie and Jesse still keep in touch after their split, though they do not contact each other directly. “He does speak to me through my mom,” she shared. “He’ll send her a message and is like, ‘How’s Katie doing?’ She kind of gives him updates, I feel like if we were to talk, we’d end up right back together.”

Katie also broke the news to her Instagram followers, admitting that she didn’t “know a good way to call off an engagement.” She elaborated, “I feel nervous about posting this, but screw it, maybe it will make questions at holiday parties easier. So, there it is in an article for me, breaking it all down.”

Jesse and Katie announced their engagement back in July, with the later sharing a close-up photo of her engagement ring. The two had been dating for five months before the proposal.

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