RICHARD EDEN: Ban on 'woke stupidity' for Petra's home schooled kids

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Ban on ‘woke stupidity’ for Petra Ecclestone’s home schooled kids

The children of Formula 1 heiress Petra Ecclestone were never going to live an average life, moving between multi-million-pound mansions in Chelsea, Los Angeles and Monaco.

I can reveal their education is also rather unusual, with the 32-year-old socialite and her fiancé, Sam Palmer, 38, choosing to home school their kids — because the curriculum includes too much ‘woke stupidity’!

Petra welcomed her youngest child, Minnie, with Sam in April last year, and shares nine-year-old Lavinia, and twins James and Andrew, six, with ex-husband James Stunt.

‘We home school,’ Palmer reveals, adding: ‘We have teachers. And sport coaches. I was against it initially, but I have to say I really love it. We get to spend more time as a family.

Petra Ecclestone And her fiance Sam Palmer pictured enjoying a family day out at Disney World in California

The 32-year-old socialite and her fiancé, Sam Palmer, 38, have chosen to home school their children

‘We get to choose what’s being taught to our kids. And it will certainly not include woke stupidity like I’ve seen in some schools’.

Palmer, who runs a high-end domestic staffing agency, was perhaps referring to lessons such as those at London private school St Dunstan’s College, which teaches children about ‘white privilege’, including discussions on the public’s treatment of Meghan Markle, why James Bond has always been played by a white man and why all British Prime Ministers so far have been white.

Bernie Ecclestone’s youngest daughter, who has a net worth of more than £200 million, does not think her children are losing out by not being at a normal school.

Petra says home schooling allows her to choose what her children are being taught and it will ‘certainly not include woke stupidity’

Palmer adds that while the couple were ‘worried’ about their children missing the social aspect, ‘they have their friends over nearly every day.

‘There are four of them anyway so they are never alone, and also go to sports clubs.’

The lucky tutors will get to spend part of their time in the family’s £170 million Georgian-style Chelsea home, which boasts eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

However, the Ecclestone clan is currently in LA, where the children have recently been documented riding ponies and taking trips to Disneyland in between their studies.

Ah, to be the child of a multi-millionaire!

 Oscar-winner Emerald shares her bin pizza dinner!

Emerald Fennell, English actress, filmmaker and writer, poses during Cliveden Literary Festival 2021

Some may like to imagine that an Oscar-winner and Netflix star would dine on oysters and caviar.

That’s certainly not the case for Emerald Fennell, who played the Duchess of Cornwall in The Crown.

The 35-year-old admits that when she was writing and directing BBC show Killing Eve, she was so busy that she had to eat a less than appetising meal when she got home — out of the rubbish.

‘One of my colleagues asked me if I was OK, and I said: “I’m fine but I just ate some pizza out of the bin.” I got home late, I didn’t have anything in the house, so I ate bin pizza,’ she tells me at Cliveden Literary Festival.

Hopefully Fennell, who has been juggling childcare with writing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella, has remembered to stock the fridge this time!

At least Emin’s cat bed is a bit more hygienic

Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’ 1990s artwork became one of the decade’s most-discussed exhibits — and she’s now made a miniature version for her cat.

She says Teacup, her kitten, is ‘a chip off the old block’ but, thankfully, the 58-year-old artist has created this one, top right, minus the empty vodka bottles, cigarette packets and stained sheets which came with the original. 

Tracey’s 1999 work was nominated for the Turner Prize, and sold for £2.5 million in 2014.

Perhaps Teacup’s creation will do similarly well — and keep her in catnip for years to come?

Isolating Ed’s quality time with his daughter

Ed Sheeran has said he has been able to spend  more quality time with his daughter while self-isolating due to Covid

There is a silver lining for Ed Sheeran, who is self-isolating from his wife, Cherry Seaborn, because he has Covid.

I can reveal that he is spending the time with his one-year-old daughter Lyra Antarctica, who has also tested positive. 

Ed says: ‘I’m self-isolating with my daughter. I have been alone with her, without my wife, since we are both positive. I am now going to spend ten days alone with her.’

However, the pop star is taking the situation in his stride: ‘Sometimes I am away and spend just two days a week with her, so being able to be with her for ten straight days is great.

‘I just spoke to Cherry and told her to relax, take long baths! Our fridge is full and we are just eating all the time.’

Earl Spencer, brother of the late Princess Diana, has welcomed a cheeky new addition to the family. The 57-year-old, who runs stately home Althorp in Northamptonshire, seems to be besotted with his new puppy, black and tan cocker spaniel Joey.

He says the pooch is keen on slippers: ‘New puppy pretty pleased with itself for retrieving a third slipper for his growing collection.’

Pal and TV presenter Alastair Stewart quipped: ‘A pair and a spare?’

Double Michelin-starred chef Claude Bosi, who runs Bibendum restaurant in Kensington, reveals he’s stepping back after sadly learning that his 42-year-old wife, Lucy, has breast cancer.

‘It was the biggest shock of my life — the first time in 20-something years I didn’t give a f*** about the restaurant,’ he says of the diagnosis.

Bosi, 49, adds he’s been working less: ‘I did four services last week. I would never give up on what I’m doing, but you realise what is important in life.’

Why Baddiel is ready to go to war with Germany

David Baddiel at the Cliveden Literary Festival, where he had been promoting his book Jews Don’t Count

David Baddiel may be gearing up for a legal battle against the German government.

The 57-year-old comedian’s grandfather, Ernst Fabian, owned a successful brick factory in East Prussia, which was occupied by Germany. It was confiscated by the Nazis and blown to smithereens by the Russian army.

‘They were a very rich family at the time, they had servants, a thriving business in 1933,’ Baddiel tells me. 

‘I actually wrote to Russia about it and they told me to f*** off, and that’s fair enough because it was in Germany at the time. It’s a weird situation.’

Promoting his book, Jews Don’t Count, at Cliveden Literary Festival, he tells me: ‘I’m putting it out there, if any lawyers are interested in taking this on they should get in contact.’

Like mother like son! Carrie Johnson is known for her love of posh frocks from labels such as Ghost and The Vampire’s Wife. 

It seems little Wilfred, who turned one in April, is following in her footsteps.

The Prime Minister’s wife says he wears ‘head to toe’ clothes from luxury brand Fred & Noah, and has posted a photograph of him in one of the firm’s £25 jackets.

She says: ‘He particularly loves his police car jumper.’ 

The price may seem steep for something a toddler will grow out of in weeks — but with an endorsement from Carrie, we wonder if the Essex-based brand will sell out?

Heartbreak as newlywed Tory donor dies suddenly 

Vivek Chadha pictured with then Prime Minister Theresa May in February 2018

Tragedy has struck one of London’s most wealthy and glamorous young couples.

Multi-millionaire property tycoon Vivek Chadha, 33, collapsed and died on Saturday in Central London after a night of partying at exclusive members’ club Annabel’s.

Mr Chadha was a regular guest at Tory Party functions, rubbing shoulders with the likes of David Cameron and Theresa May.

Heartbreakingly, he had only married his widow Stuttee, 29, earlier this summer.

Stuttee sobbed: ‘I’m in shock and still trying to make sense of it. We only got married eight weeks ago. Now I’m having to deal with the loss of the love of my life. I’m stunned and heartbroken.’

Anyone seeking to secure a much-coveted spot at one of the Queen’s annual garden parties is in luck. The monarch is seeking a travelling housekeeper, whose tasks will include organising social functions through the year. 

Based at Windsor Castle, they will also be expected to visit ‘other royal residences’. 

Some of the housekeeper’s responsibilities include ‘co-ordinating teams and managing the delivery of various functions throughout the year’.

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