Richard Madeley’s daughter details ‘horrifying’ moment he choked and was saved by sister

I'm A Celeb: Richard Madeley discusses his health scare

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Richard Madeley, 65, previously revealed that the incident happened when he was arguing with his brother-in-law over the dinner table at a family meal. Thankfully, his first-aid trained sister Liz stepped in to help and potentially saved his life.

Chloe was asked about the moment on her Instagram Story today in a Q&A with fans.

In view of her 239,000 followers, she said: “It was a horrifying few minutes, but luckily his sister (who’s a teacher and trained on First Aid) was sitting right next to him, and she didn’t give up, even though it was clearly exhausting.

“The pub was called The Blue Strawberry, which I’ve always found morbidly ironic.”

In 2009, Richard said of the incident: “I was arguing with my brother-in-law, and he made a very good point just as I put a piece of beef in my mouth.

“And in order to get back into the game, I swallowed it whole, and I knew straight away that it was a big mistake.

“And because I’d shut up, everyone thought that I’d conceded the point and the conversation had moved on.

“But in fact I was sitting there gradually losing consciousness,” he added to BBC Radio 4 in 2009.

The former This Morning host admitted he feared death at the time and praised his sister for saving him.

In a lucky coincidence, Richard’s sibling had learnt first aid just a week before their dinner out.

Thanks to her correctly performing the Heimlich manoeuvre, she saved her brother’s life.

He added: “As I collapsed, she gave one last heave, and I think gravity with me going down and her going up – she’s very strong my sister – did it, and it came loose and I got my breath back.”

Richard went on to say he now clears his throat every time he eats to prevent it happening again.

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The host’s scary story came to light again ahead of his stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! last month. 

Richard’s time in the castle was cut short after he left camp to seek medical attention due to feeling unwell.

In an interview after Covid-19 rules prevented him from going back in, he said he believed he was dehydrated at the time.

He said: “If anyone’s ever suffered from it, it’s actually quite disturbing.

“Basically I think I’d been up for about 20 hours the day before and the day before that, we were having very long days and sleeping quite late.”

Richard went on to say it was normal for him to forget to drink water, but thought leaving it until the morning would be OK.

“I went to the hospital and had all the tests you could imagine. I had tests up here, I had bloods [and] all the rest of it.

“And I got 100 percent clean bill of health and they were happy for me to go back in, and by then I’d had a cup of tea and a drink of water and I was back on the rails.”

After medical checks, he was given the all clear but wasn’t allowed back into the camp due to breaking the Covid-19 bubble. 

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