Rivers Cuomo Reflects On Being In Metal Band Before Forming Weezer

Rivers Cuomo discussed his pre-Weezer days with Sixty Wrong Sausages and his original intention to form a metal band in an interview with Kerrang!

“I was always in bands growing up, when I was in school and when I first moved to LA,” Cuomo said. “In those days I was almost anti-punk: I did not like punk music, or the whole punk aesthetic.”

“My attitude was pretty much exclusively metal: practice your scales, your arpeggios, use a metronome and don’t play sloppy,” he added. “I was anti-nihilist, really.”

Cuomo explained that he then got a job at Tower Records, where he was exposed to all these different kinds of music.

“Not by choice, but because all the different employees played it – so I gradually got interested in branching out from heavy music,” he said.

Cuomo went on to discuss Sixty Wrong Sausages, his last band before Weezer, which also featured future Weezer drummer Pat Wilson, original Weezer guitar player Jason Cropper and Pat Finn.

“It was basically Weezer, but instead of Matt Sharp it was Pat Finn on bass,” Cuomo said. “We all wrote songs, I completely stylistically jumped ship and tried to do the opposite of everything I had ever done before.”

“It was this accommodation of funk and punk with completely gibberish lyrics,” he added. “It was very wacky and musically progressive, with odd meter and time changes and all that. We played one show, and then we broke up. Classic story.”

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