Rob Kardashian Raves Over James Harden 2 Yrs. After Khloe Accused Him Of Cheating

Uh-oh. Rob Kardashian might be in trouble with his big sis, Khloe Kardashian. This time, the ‘Rob & Chyna’ star gave some love to Koko’s ex – and alleged cheater – James Harden!

Considering how supposedly Rob Kardashian, 31, is closer to Khloe Kardashian, 34, than with the rest of his sisters, it was a bit awkward, to say the least, to see him praise James Harden’s basketball skills on Jan. 16. The reclusive Kardashian family member has popped back onto social media, and he might have stepped in some drama, thanks to Twitter. In a tweet, Sports Illustrated highlighted how he 29-year-old Houston Rockets star was averaging 42.2 points per game “during his 30-point streak which began December 13th.” Rob responded to this with just one word: “sheesh.”

Keep in mind that it’s coming up to the 2-year-anniversary of when Khloe publicly accused James of cheating on her. During a 2016 episode of her since-canceled talk show, Kocktails With Khloe, Khloe put James on blast. “I just don’t want to put up with people that you want to be monogamous and then you’re not monogamous,” she said. “I’ve always said, it’s long distance we don’t need to be monogamous. There’s a lot of sh*t going on in both of our lives. You live in Houston, I live in LA. … He wanted that. I wanted that but I wanted to be realistic. You know what it’s unfair.”

“Nope, he sought me out. He wanted to be committed. Then, wasn’t committed. So Koko had to let him go, go,” she added. James chimed in with his side of the story while talking with – funny enough – Sports Illustrated. He said he didn’t like the spotlight that came with dating a Kardashian and that led to the end of their romance. “I feel like it was for no reason. I wasn’t getting anything out of it except my name out there and my face out there, and I don’t need that. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it wasn’t me…It was unnecessary stuff that I think trickled down to my teammates. I had to eliminate that,” he said, almost making it sound like he was the one who dumped her.

As for Rob, the last thing he wants right now is for Khloe to be miffed at him (though, since she’s moved on to start a family with Tristan Thompson, the odds of her actually being MAD are low, right?) Rob, who started up a new romance with Alexis Skyy, has to deal with an angry Summer Bunni, who went off after leaked text messages alleged they hooked up. Plus, Rob’s sexual kinks may have been revealed in a deposition related to the lawsuit he filed against Blac Chyna over a Dec. 2016 blowout fight.

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