Roger Mathews SLAMS JWoww’s Domestic Violence Allegations! WATCH!

Roger Mathews is fighting back against JWoww‘s allegations!

As we reported, in a lengthy message posted on Wednesday, the Jersey Shore starlet said her estranged husband fed their son (Greyson) pizza when he is allergic to dairy and gluten, refused to allow his son’s therapist in their home, cheated on her after she gave birth to their boy, challenged their pre-nup, called her bosses “to attempt to smear name and hurt public image,” called authorities to “falsely accuse of harming children,” and contacted multiple exes of hers to “take down.”

Additionally, the MTV personality — born Jenni Farley — posted alleged surveillance footage where it appears Roger grabbed her and threw her to the ground.

On Thursday, Mathews responded with a video on Instagram, calling out his estranged wife’s “many lies.” He said in the clip:

“I sit here humbly before you today, a pretty heartbroken man… Things that were said about me in a long, rambling rant… that was highly erroneous, and had many lies in it… We’re going to address this in court which is the proper place to address it… My concern is my children and I will not stop until I have my children.”

He also posted a letter that his legal team sent to a judge saying Farley’s post violated an apparent restraining order because of her “campaign of cyber bullying, harassment, intimidation, and embarrassment.”

Mathews also claims he is suffering “economic damages,” and his team is asking JWoww to undergo a mental evaluation because her behavior resembles that of someone with a “personality disorder with narcissistic tendencies.”

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Truly sad it has come to this.

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