Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Learns His Legal Fate

We’re not sure if he deserves it or not, but Ronnie Ortiz-Magro just received some very good news about his future.

And, in the process, we received a few answers to some of our most pressing questions surrounding the polarizinf Jersey Shore star.

Will he go to jail for domestic violence? Will he lose custody of daughter Ariana? Will be be fired by MTV?

Based on what the legal system has decided, our educated guesses to these inquiries are: No, no, and almost definitely not.

That’s because law enforcement insiders have confirmed to TMZ that Ronnie will not be charged with any felonies after his October 4 arrest.

According to this update on the situation, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office kicked Ronnie’s case down to the City Attorney on Wednesday.

Why is this significant?

Because only the District Attorney’s Office can charge someone with a felony.

The most stringest determination the City Attorney can make is to charge Ronnie with a misdemeanor.

Ronnie likely won’t go to prison over a misdemeanor and we can’t imagine he loses custody of Ariana over it, either.

Could MTV still decide it wants to cut ties with such a seemingly violent and dangerous person? Absolutely.

We’re just gonna be cynical and assume the network chooses to keep around someone that garners his show such attention.

Earlier this week, authorities also decreed that Ronnie would not be hit with a kidnapping charge for his alleged actions about three weeks ago, as damning as they appeared to be.

The veteran reality star wasn’t simply taken into custody early on that morning by members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

He was immobilized by a taser … after the cops knocked down the door of the house he had been renting with Jen Harley because he refused to cooperate.

This incident took place after Ronnie reportedly snorted cocaine; chased after Harley following an argument between the couple; threatened her with a knife; and then grabbed his daughter out of her arms and locked himself inside the residence.

By all accounts, it was a wild and frightening scene.

Surveillance footage from the home next year even captured Jen with Ariana in her arms, looking for a place to hide the toddler from her coked-up dad.

However, sources close to Ronnie have maintained that Harley was actually the one who was drunk and placing Ariana in harm’s way.

According to this story of events, Ortiz-Magro was simply looking to keep his child safe.

Is this totally unreasonable, based on Harley’s own past of having been arrested for domestic violence? No. Really, anything is possible when it comes to these two.

Which is why we pray they really are broken up for good this time.

For the record, meanwhile, if the City Attorney does hand down a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against Ronnie, the maximum penalty is one year in county jail.

We just wouldn’t place any wagers on that actually happening.

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