Rosario Dawson heard telling Cory Booker ‘I love you’

Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson seem to be moving fast.

Just on Sunday, The Post’s Richard Johnson reported that the New Jersey senator and the movie star had been spotted together catching a movie at the Regal Union Square on Thursday.

Now Page Six is told that Dawson was heard saying — or, more specifically, singing — “I love you” to Booker.

Spies at Saturday’s performance of Broadway hit “Dear Evan Hanson” say they were left in no doubt that Booker and Dawson — who brought Dawson’s daughter and Booker’s niece to see the show — are a couple.

And after meeting the cast post-show, Dawson — who was walking across the empty stage on her way to the exit — began fooling around and singing a made-up song to Booker that went, “I love you; te amo [as in, the Spanish for ‘I love you’].”

“They were so cute together and seemed so flirtatious,” said a spy backstage. While the source said that they didn’t kiss while they were there, they said it was clear that they’re an item.

We’re told the show’s cast were almost as smitten with the Dawson and Booker as the two seem to be with each other.

A source said that celebrity meet-and-greets with the cast usually last around 10 minutes, but that the couple and their families spent an hour hanging out with the actors.

“They were fangirling over everyone in the cast, and the cast was fangirling over them,” said our insider, “thanking Senator Booker for his work during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and for standing up to Trump.”

Dawson is a keen political activist, who has endorsed Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders for president.

Dawson, who adopted her daughter in 2014, has previously been linked with comedian Eric Andre. They broke up in late 2017.

Booker, who has never been married, has been linked to Chanda Gibson, executive director of the Council of Urban Professionals, Gayle King and Instagram poet Cleo Wade.

Reps for Dawson and Booker didn’t get back to us.

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