Royal fans spot Lilibet and Princess Charlotte’s uncanny resemblance to Diana in new photos

Royal fans have highlighted the close resemblance they believe Princess Charlotte and Lilibet have to their grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Comparisons between the cousins and the late monarch were sparked after a fan account named @loveprincessdiana, which was created in memory of the Princess of Wales, posted several side-by-side baby photos of the Royals.

Seeing these images side-by-side caused followers to spot the uncanny likeness of Princess Charlotte, now seven, and one year old Lilibet, to Diana, with many taking to the comments to point out the resemblance.

"I think she will look like Lady Diana," one person wrote.

“Both look like their grandmother,” a second user commented, as another added: “I think Charlotte has Diana's shape eyes, shy smile, and mannerism.”

Split screen photos were also posted of Princess Charlotte and Lilibet next to their fathers Prince William and Prince Harry,, leading followers to make further comparisons of the children and their parents.

“Lili has the Spencers' red hair and blue eyes of dad Harry," one person said, as another wrote: “Charlotte looks like William and William looks like Diana. Charlotte is great!”

Many Royal fans couldn’t help but also point out how incredibly similar Princess Charlotte looks to her great grandmother the Queen, as one added: “They're gorgeous, Charlotte is just like the Queen.”

These comparison photos come days after the first solo picture of Lilibet was revealed to the public, shortly after her first birthday on 4 June and her first trip to the UK with her parents.

The cute snap was taken within the grounds of Frogmore Cottage and shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s daughter sitting on the grass and smiling openly while wearing a light blue dress and a white bow in her ginger hair.

Fans have been split on who Lilibet looks like most since the release of the photo, with some saying she takes after Harry, while others have said she resembles Meghan Markle, and some have even likened the baby girl to her estranged grandfather Thomas Markle.

While Princess Charlotte has been said to resemble the Queen, she has also had her personality be likened to Kate Middleton, as fans spotted the youngster showcasing similar mannerisms to her mother at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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