Ryan Edwards’ Wife Mackenzie Told MTV To ‘Piss Off’ When They Tried Filming Her Son

Hoping to see Mackenzie and Ryan’s little one on ‘Teen Mom OG’? Don’t hold your breath! The couple may have just welcomed their son, but they don’t want him on camera.

Mackenzie Standifer, 21, has been keeping her newborn son on the DL since welcoming him in October, and it looks like Jagger Ryan Edwards is going to stay hidden for the time being. That’s because the reality star admitted on her Instagram story that she and Ryan Edwards, 27, don’t want him on Teen Mom OG. “Lol I told MTV to piss off when they tried to film him,” she told her social media followers. “And they still tried their hardest. So now you guys get to hear commentaries about him, which is super frustrating.”

But even though fans haven’t seen little Jagger, she did reveal whether or not he looked like his brothers. “Way more like Bentley than Hudson,” she said. “Hudson had dark skin and dark hair. Jagger is the opposite.” She also described giving birth to her baby boy, which involved three epidurals. After being two centimeters dilated for about ten hours, Mackenzie revealed the rest of the birth was “fast and furious.” Recall Ryan was in rehab when she welcomed Jagger, but now that he’s back at home with his baby, his wife said he’s been amazing.

When her husband met Jagger for the first time, Ryan “wouldn’t let him go,” Mackenzie said. “Sweetest moment I’ve ever experienced.” She also posted a shot of Ryan to her Instagram Story, writing, “He’s the biggest help. I love this man.”

It’s great to hear things are going well with these two! And even though Mackenzie has made it clear that Jagger won’t be anywhere near Teen Mom OG, we’ll believe it when we see it! Remember when she said she wouldn’t be on season seven of the MTV show — and then she was! Funny how that works…

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