Ryan Gosling Once Said He Would've 'Done Anything to Work With' 1 Actor

Ryan Gosling is a Golden Globe-winning actor. He’s starred in hit movies such as La La Land and The Notebook. Currently filming Netflix’s The Gray Man, the 40-year-old spent much of his acting career hoping to work with one comedic actor, Steve Carell.

Ryan Gosling became a fan of Steve Carell’s as a teen

In a July 2011 interview with Collider, Gosling expressed his love for Carell. The actor shared that early on in his career he and Carell starred in the same pilot but they didn’t have any scenes together. 17 years old at the time, Gosling became an immediate fan of Carell’s after seeing him make people laugh. 

“I just love Steve Carell, always wanted to work with Steve,” Gosling said. “When I first moved to Los Angeles I did a pilot, was 17, had a small part, so did Steve. We didn’t get to work together but he was so funny I would go to set just to watch him work.” 

Gosling continued, recalling one moment in particular where a member of the crew laughed so hard because of Carell. 

“One time the boom guy just threw down his mic and had a laughing attack in the corner in the middle of a take,” he said. “It was the first time I worked with someone who was so good it was a problem.” 

“I became a huge fan,” Gosling added, saying he “watched all his movies” and Carell’s spots on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell co-starred in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’

Gosling eventually got the opportunity to work with Carell in 2011’s Crazy, Stupid, Love. He played Jacob Palmer, a charming, suit-wearing guy who helps Cal Weaver (Carell) navigate the dating world as a newly single man over 40. 

Gosling didn’t hesitate to sign on for the romantic comedy because it meant finally working with Carell. 

“I got this opportunity to work with him so I decided to jump at it,” he said. “I didn’t really think of it as a conscious choice to do a comedy … but I really wanted to work with Steve. I would have done anything to work with him.”

Crazy, Stupid, Love opened in theaters in July 2011. His performance in the film earned Gosling a Golden Globe nomination.

Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell also starred in ‘The Big Short’ together

After Crazy, Stupid, Love, the actors teamed up once again in 2015. A comedy-drama about the real-life collapse of the American economy, The Big Short earned Carell a Golden Globe nomination. Despite the movie’s serious subject matter the actors still had fun on set. 

“I could be in the background of a scene with a stern, disapproving look on my face but praying the camera didn’t linger on me in case I started tearing up with laughter,” Carell told NME in 2016. “My character might not find his character amusing but I found Ryan really funny. He’s a great improviser. It was hard not to laugh, every day.”

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