Ryan Reynolds Talks About How Fatherhood Has Changed Him, Says It ‘Made Me A Better Person’

Life has certainly changed since Ryan Reynolds welcomed his two daughters into this world.

As fans of the actor know, he’s the proud dad to two adorable little girls — 4-year-old James and 2-year-old Inez. Of course, he’s married to actress Blake Lively and in interviews, he usually uses sarcasm to discuss various topics. His recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show was no exception as the father of two discussed his family life, saying that fatherhood has changed him for the better.

“It’s kind of made me a better person, I think. I sort of miss being horrible. I love it.”

And like most other parents would tell you, Ryan also shared that parenting comes with its fair share of challenges, something that he definitely understands.

“It’s hard. It’s always a challenge, with two kids,” Reynolds told DeGeneres, “I think of blinking now like tiny little breaks.”

But despite all of the challenges that come with being a father, Ryan says that “it’s a dream” and called his two daughters his “little buddies.”

During his stop at Ellen, Reynolds also talked about the other important woman in his life — wife Blake Lively. As the Inquisitr shared earlier today, the 42-year-old again took time to joke about their relationship in true Ryan Reynolds fashion. The actor was chatting about a recent trip that they took with their two girls to Abu Dabi, explaining that his daughter James is a good little traveler.

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After that, Reynolds took time to joke that his youngest daughter, Inez, “happened from sex, just FYI.” Ellen then joked back with Reynolds, asking if he’s only had sex with Blake two times since he only has two children.

“Just the two times,” Reynolds quipped. “It’s a mercenary job, hoping for a third soon.”

And during his stop to the Ellen Show, there was one more topic that was discussed, which was also the reason why Reynolds was on the show in the first place. The actor was there to promote Once Upon a Deadpool, a newer and recut version of this summer’s Deadpool 2 that is rated PG-13 so younger crowds are able to enjoy it.

Ryan says that he had parents coming up to him all of the time, asking when they would release a more tame version for younger audiences and he is super excited that they were able to do this for fans. He said that he also hopes one day that his young daughters will be able to enjoy the film as well.

But for now, Reynolds says his daughters are on a Frozen kick and he’s seen it way too many times.

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