Sara Bareilles Announces New Album with Music She Wrote for ‘Little Voice’ TV Series

Sara Bareilles has announced that she has a new album coming very soon!

The Grammy-winning singer will be releasing an album featuring her performing the music that she wrote for the Apple TV+ series Little Voice.

“We made something special for you…it’s coming, very very soon,” Sara wrote on Twitter on Monday (August 31).

The teaser video that Sara shared includes clips of her in the recording studio and you can hear her sing the opening line of the song “More Love.” The album will be called More Love: Songs from Little Voice Season One and it will be released soon.

In the meantime, you can get the Little Voice season one soundtrack right now on iTunes to hear the cast perform the music.

It was announced earlier this month that Sara will be starring in an upcoming comedy series that everyone is so excited about.

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