Sarah Lacina: 5 Things To Know About The Social Queen Of ‘Survivor: Winners At War’

With her social game at the highest level on ‘Survivor: Winners at War,’ Sarah Lacina has solidified a spot in the top 6 — and she very well may have what it takes to win it all!

Sarah Lacina is vying to win the $2 million prize on the May 13 finale of Survivor: Winners at War. After one player returns from the Edge of Extinction at the beginning of the episode, Sarah will be one of six contestants left in the competition. She’s played a solid game throughout the season, building various strong alliances along the way. Sarah bounced back after being blindsided by one of her closest allies, Sophie Clarke’s, vote off, and she’s formed a final three pact with Tony Vlachos and Ben Driebergen.

Throughout this entire season, Sarah has relied on her ability to connect with her fellow castaways on a deeper level. She takes the time to get to know her fellow competitors and bond with them on a level that goes beyond the game. This is a huge component of Survivor, and has been the reason that many players have won over the years. However, she’s going up against a physical/strategic threat in Tony, an underdog in Michele Fitzgerald, someone who will have an incredible comeback story after the Edge of Extinction, and more. Will the social butterfly come out on top!? We’ll have to wait and see, but first, here’s more to know about Sarah:

1. She’s played ‘Survivor’ twice before. Sarah’s first time on Survivor was during the show’s 28th season, Survivor: Cagayan. She made it to the merge, but was the first person voted out at that point (seventh in the game). She then returned for the all-star season 34, Game Changers. She was mostly able to avoid tribal council before the merge, due to being on strong tribes. After the merge, she displayed her top-notch social game, by putting herself in the middle of the pack and forming close relationships with various players. She helped orchestrate a series of blindsides, and successfully played two advantages. She received seven votes to be named the Sole Survivor against Brad Culpepper, who got three votes, and Troyzan Robertson, who got zero.

2. She’s a police officer. Sarah is a police officer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was inspired to work in law enforcement by her mom, who was also in the field.

3. She’s married and has a son. Sarah’s husband, Wyatt Wardenburg, is also a police officer. They have a son, Knox, together. Wyatt and Knox both came on Survivor during Sarah’s Winners at War loved ones visit.

4. She’s an athlete. In high school, Sarah was a four-sport athlete. She attended Wartburg College and was on both the track and cross country teams. She also does mixed martial arts and has competed in the sport professionally.

5. She’s a college graduate. Sarah graduated from Wartburg College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

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