Scarlett Johansson calls Colin Jost ‘the love of my life’ on ‘SNL’

Scarlett Johansson hugged and kissed fiancé Colin Jost on “Saturday Night Live” — thanking the show for introducing her to “the love of my life.”

The 35-year-old actress, hosting for the sixth time and in an eye-catching red dress, referred to her “Weekend Update” partner right from the start of her opening monologue on his show.

“[If] the show’s bad, what are they going to do — fire my fiancé?” she joked, adding with mock horror, “Oh no, what will we do without his paycheck?”

Jost, 37, then appeared beside her during an “Avengers”-themed skit in the monologue, with the actress pretending to be too wrapped up in an attack by Thanos to care that he was there.

But her true feelings soon shone through as the cast joined her onstage at the end of her opening segment, with her fiancé stepping ahead of the others to stand beside her.

“I just wanna say that this place means so much to me, I have so many friends here — and I met the love of my life here,” she said.

The audience let out loud gasps as they hugged and kissed, which they continued doing as the camera cut away for an ad break.

They again kissed and hugged at the end of the show, both now dressed down in dark T-shirts.

The pair first met in 2010 when Johansson hosted for the third time — and she later told The Hollywood Reporter that he wrote a “dumb parody” for her.

But it was not until May 2017 when Page Six first exclusively revealed that the pair hooked up during an “SNL” afterparty for an episode where Johansson had played Ivanka Trump.

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