Serena Williams doesn’t even celebrate her daughter’s birthday or Valentine’s Day

I love these pre match hugs. They are my new fav part of my job. @olympiaohanian

For the record, I never said it was dumb to celebrate your baby’s birthday. I just think it’s dumb to spend a fortune on some kind of epic birthday party for a one-year-old. They won’t remember it. But by all means, of course you should throw a party for your baby’s birthday. Get some fried chicken and a nice cake. Let your baby have some ice cream. Make it fun for adults too. Just don’t spend thousands of dollars – or hundreds of thousands of dollars – on it. Surely there’s a happy medium with celebrity kids though? Apparently, Serena Williams doesn’t do anything to celebrate birthdays – her own or her baby’s. So I guess she didn’t do anything to celebrate Olympia’s first birthday last September. Fair enough, I guess. Again, the baby won’t remember. Just like she won’t remember the “just because” extravaganza party Serena threw Olympia over the weekend.

She revealed last year that she wouldn’t be celebrating her daughter Olympia’s first birthday as she is a Jehovah’s Witness. But Serena Williams proved that a party any other time wasn’t off the cards, showing her daughter with a barnyard and carnival themed event on Saturday. The 37-year-old beauty took to Instagram Stories to share all the kids having fun while showing her 10.7 million followers around her backyard.

‘This is so fun, Olympia,’ she said. ‘We wanted to just do something fun, because we don’t do birthdays.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I’m including some shots from Olympia Day below – this party was held in Serena’s backyard in Florida, where I think Serena lives in a gated community. Clearly, Serena and Alexis spent money on this party – rented kid-sized trains and popcorn stands aren’t cheap – but it’s not like they rented out Universal Studios or whatever (which is what Kylie Jenner did).

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Also, not only does Serena NOT celebrate birthdays, she doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Is this all about her Jehovah Witness faith??

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Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instagram.

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